our full life: week twenty-eight

OFL 28

Summer, sun, walks and babies. Enjoy week twenty-eight…even if it is a little late!

morning rosesRoses and ivy on my morning walk.

retro bagRetro bag from my decade. I bought it in High School and now it’s appropriate to break out again.

cucumber smoothieCucumber for my smoothie.

burger saladThis is my husbands FAVORITE dinner: Burger Salad. It’s literally a burger on top of a salad. I added some grilled summer vegetables and called it a day.

pink sunsetPink sky making the ocean pink. I love pink. I really loved this sunset.

hudson babyHudson keeping it real in his make-shift “hat.” The sun was beating down hard on our walk to the park.

movie nightBret led a Movie & Theology night for our Jr. High students. Finding Nemo and Luke 15.

toast breakfastToast Breakfast: smashed avocado & sea salt on one and crunchy peanut butter & banana on the other.

bach toesJr. High girls beach day! SO much fun!

pixiesThis is Frankie. This is his first pixie stick. It was magical!

Love you!

xo sarah


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