our full life: week twenty-four

OFL 24

A little behind, but not forgotten. Week twenty-four was all-together sweet, salty, and restful. It ended with a sigh of satisfaction and some creamy gelato. Enjoy!

IMG_4024I walk this path weekly. God made this creation called earth so so lovely.

IMG_4028How stinkin’ pretty are these wedding invitations? So excited for the future Weavers!!!

IMG_4032Helping out our dear friend with her wedding crafts. Braiding, braiding…

IMG_4030…and more braiding!!!

IMG_4057Heirlooms and shadows.

IMG_4048Homemade tiramisu from a dear friend. GOOOOD stuff.

IMG_4050This is where we got married. It’s close by our place and last Saturday, it was the perfect place to read and enjoy the sun in peace.

IMG_4051Some new reads.

IMG_4055Homemade peanut butter and vanilla granola. The house smelled fantastic.

IMG_4068A walk down Grand Ave. for some gelato on Father’s Day.

IMG_4064I loved their bookshelves with tea and spoons and cookbooks.

IMG_4070Strawberry cheesecake and chocolate. Major win.

Love you!

xo sarah


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