our full life: week twenty-one

OFL 21Thank you Jesus for week twenty-one. It was so fun and relaxing. Lots of carbs too!

park nightLast community group before our summer groups begin. We celebrated together and had a night at the park. All the kiddos were running around and laughing. So cute!

exotic flowerExotic flowers in the park. So gorgeous.

andylakersMy co-worker & friend, Andrew, loves his Lakers.

bruisesGot this gnarly bruise from tripping over something in my office. Thank goodness it was early in the morning before anyone else was in the office. Me = clumsiest girl ever.

sarahsbagelEvery other Friday, Bret has the day off. We celebrate with bagels & coffee. I really like my 9 grain toasted with cream cheese…

bretsbagelwhile Bret likes his giant six cheese toasted with cream cheese.

friendsiesI had an awesome girls night with these two. We had dinner, drank tea and baked.

strawberry champagne teaStrawberry champagne tea from the famous Teavana.

strawberry shortcakeVegan strawberry shortcakes. Dee-lish!

big sanwichThe week ended with a date night with this handsome guy. We shared 20 inches of sandwich heaven at Capriotti’s before our movie.capistramiThis is The Capistrami: pastrami, russian dressing, coleslaw, swiss on a rustic roll.

That our week, friends. Love you!

xo sarah


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