our full life: week nineteen

OFL 19

This week was extremely colorful and full of yummy food! I hope you enjoy the photos and take advantage of your abundant life in the week ahead. God has great plans for you!

I spent my Monday indoors. As it rained and the cool breeze came in through the windows, I got some ironing done and drank a homemade green smoothie. It’s the little things.mymonday

The cold weather deserved a big hearty dinner. Perfect Roast Chicken and a salad.mondaydinner

Spending time in community is aways a favorite part of our week. We love these people and it’s a joy growing with them through each and every season of life.Ladick CG

Bret and I woke up on our day off and ate an amazing breakfast together. Eggs, bacon and oatmeal with all the fixings! With our differing schedules, we don’t get to do this that often. It was such a treat.ourfriday

Then we went around town finding books for Bret’s big paper he has to write on Pauline Theology. 12 pages requires a lot of resources…bookshelf

Half-off frappucinos is what got me in the door…and then I couldn’t resist the packaging on this spring-inspired coffee. Cannot wait to try it! new coffee

Look at that view. I love walking on the beach with friends!beachwalkfriday

Hassleback potatoes were a huge hit this week! Garlic slices in each little section and lots of fresh butter makes them too good to pass up!hasselbacks

Color Run in Orange County with my best friends! We got super dirty but had so much fun making new memories.IMG_3773

After the race we went to SoCo and had lots of girl time and window shopped.IMG_3776

We also had a much deserved lunch from the famous food trucks and farmers market. I got Camarones con crema and it was outstanding! Naps quickly followed…camarones

With my Mom all the way out in Idaho and Bret’s Mom on a lovely vacation, we were so bummed to not get to celebrate with them. BUT Happy Mother’s Day to you both and we are so grateful God would bless us so richly with you as our mothers. We love you!!!

Have a great week, friends! Summer is so close I can hardly stand it!

xo sarah


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