our full life: week eighteen

OFL 18

This week flew by. This week was busy. This week there was not enough picture taking! None-the-less, I present to you: Our Full Life: Week Eighteen.

My breakfast: yogurt with strawberries and hot tea. The usual. breakfast wednesday

I got a little too much sun this week. Sunburn for me = freckles = looking semi-tan for summer time. Fail/nailed-it.sunburnt

There’s been lots of veggies in our diet lately. On Wednesday we had greens, cauliflower and sweet potato fries. dinner wednesday

This was a super yummy treat I let myself have this week. A few of my co-workers and I took our break at Lofty Coffee and I got a chai tea latte. Best chai I’ve ever had. my lofty coffee

One of the major highs of this week was our double date with an awesome couple from our Community Group. Thanks for seeing the Padres with us List Family! Also, thanks for Tin Fish…SO good!padres game sat

May the Lord bless you and keep you this week. Much love!

xo sarah


2 thoughts on “our full life: week eighteen

  1. Hi Sarah, that sunburn looks like it crazy
    Hurts! Have Bret put some Aloe Vera on it …. Yikes! Sounds like you had a fun week , much love to you and Bret always , MOM xxoo

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