Something I have come to understand is this: I am utterly ruined by my sin and I simply cannot clean up my act on my own. However, the blood of Christ is the only cleanser that can take away the stains sin has left in my life. I can stand before a holy and righteous God – UNASHAMED, forgiven and loved. Jesus has made me clean.

Hebrews 1:3 says: “He (Jesus) is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of his power. After making purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high…”

This idea brought me to a place of worship and the song “Unashamed” by Starfield popped into my head. Read the words below and be encouraged!

I have not much, to offer You.
Not near what You deserve, but still You come,
Because Your cross, has placed in me my worth.

Oh Christ my King, of sympathy,
Whose wounds secure my peace.
Your grace extends to call me friend.
Your mercy sets me free.

And I know I’m weak, I know I’m unworthy,
To call upon Your name.
But because of grace, because of Your mercy,
I stand here unashamed.

I can’t explain this kind of love, I’m humbled and amazed,
That You’d come down, from heaven’s heights,
And greet me face to face.

Here I am at Your feet,
In my brokenness, complete.

God is SO good!

xo sarah


our full life: week twenty-one

OFL 21Thank you Jesus for week twenty-one. It was so fun and relaxing. Lots of carbs too!

park nightLast community group before our summer groups begin. We celebrated together and had a night at the park. All the kiddos were running around and laughing. So cute!

exotic flowerExotic flowers in the park. So gorgeous.

andylakersMy co-worker & friend, Andrew, loves his Lakers.

bruisesGot this gnarly bruise from tripping over something in my office. Thank goodness it was early in the morning before anyone else was in the office. Me = clumsiest girl ever.

sarahsbagelEvery other Friday, Bret has the day off. We celebrate with bagels & coffee. I really like my 9 grain toasted with cream cheese…

bretsbagelwhile Bret likes his giant six cheese toasted with cream cheese.

friendsiesI had an awesome girls night with these two. We had dinner, drank tea and baked.

strawberry champagne teaStrawberry champagne tea from the famous Teavana.

strawberry shortcakeVegan strawberry shortcakes. Dee-lish!

big sanwichThe week ended with a date night with this handsome guy. We shared 20 inches of sandwich heaven at Capriotti’s before our movie.capistramiThis is The Capistrami: pastrami, russian dressing, coleslaw, swiss on a rustic roll.

That our week, friends. Love you!

xo sarah

our full life: week twenty

OFL 20

Late to post…yet again. But work has been a little nuts lately. And all I had time to take pictures of was my food. If you didn’t know, I love food. So, here we go!


My job has taught me a lot about being a servant and helper. Thank you Jesus.


A Beautiful Mess came out with an iphone app! It’s so fun and I really love it!

blt cafe

Such a GOOD BLT with avocado from Encinitas Cafe.

lofty week 20

Best coffee in North County. Love the colors in this photo.

orange baking

Baking orange ginger pie and squeezing some orange cubes with all my orange loot.

sat coffee & fruit

Saturday morning fruit and cinnamon coffee with lots of sunshine.

Just some little snippets, but big blessings! Thanks for reading.

xo sarah

gospel monday

Gospel Monday

I thought I would share another hymn with you. They are my favorite.

Yesterday we sang “The Solid Rock,” together at church. The words are profound and help us to respond to Jesus as the immoveable, unchangeable, and trustworthy King that He is. Christ is the solid rock in which we find all our forgiveness, hope, and peace. Everything else can wither away and disappoint our souls, but Jesus is eternal and longs to save our souls. Please meditate on the words of this hymn and soak it all up. Remember that Jesus’s blood and righteousness is all the hope we need!

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness;
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.

When darkness veils His lovely face,
I rest on His unchanging grace;
In every high and stormy gale,
My anchor holds within the veil.

His oath, His covenant, His blood
Support me in the whelming flood;
When all around my soul gives way,
He then is all my hope and stay.

When He shall come with trumpet sound,
Oh, may I then in Him be found;
Dressed in His righteousness alone,
Faultless to stand before the throne.

On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand,
All other ground is sinking sand.

—Edward Mote (1797-1874)

I am reminded of Psalm 18:2 – “The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

During parts of my life, I have questioned my salvation, my worth and my significance in relation to God. I struggled with understanding and accepting the idea that ALL my sins were FORGIVEN (even the ones I seemed unable to stop doing). I struggled with the idea of finding my worth and identity out in the world and in the workplace. I always wanted to make other people happy and have them think well of me. Sadly, I wanted the praise. I also struggled with the doctrine of adoption found so clearly laid out in Scripture. The idea of being a a true CHILD of GOD really blew my mind.

I am so grateful that the Lord would show me His Gospel and the truth that He soeaks over those who trust Him. God is so good and I am so comforted to know that, by His grace, I really am forgiven (of ALL my sin: past, present, & future). Jesus is that powerful! I am truly counted as righteous because of Jesus. I am truly counted as worthy and accepted because of Jesus. I am truly a beloved daughter of God because of Jesus. He will never leave me and never forsake me. He is my SOLID ROCK on which I will forever stand. Praise Jesus!

How have you seen Christ as the rock in your own life? I’d love to hear about it.

xo sarah

our full life: week nineteen

OFL 19

This week was extremely colorful and full of yummy food! I hope you enjoy the photos and take advantage of your abundant life in the week ahead. God has great plans for you!

I spent my Monday indoors. As it rained and the cool breeze came in through the windows, I got some ironing done and drank a homemade green smoothie. It’s the little things.mymonday

The cold weather deserved a big hearty dinner. Perfect Roast Chicken and a salad.mondaydinner

Spending time in community is aways a favorite part of our week. We love these people and it’s a joy growing with them through each and every season of life.Ladick CG

Bret and I woke up on our day off and ate an amazing breakfast together. Eggs, bacon and oatmeal with all the fixings! With our differing schedules, we don’t get to do this that often. It was such a treat.ourfriday

Then we went around town finding books for Bret’s big paper he has to write on Pauline Theology. 12 pages requires a lot of resources…bookshelf

Half-off frappucinos is what got me in the door…and then I couldn’t resist the packaging on this spring-inspired coffee. Cannot wait to try it! new coffee

Look at that view. I love walking on the beach with friends!beachwalkfriday

Hassleback potatoes were a huge hit this week! Garlic slices in each little section and lots of fresh butter makes them too good to pass up!hasselbacks

Color Run in Orange County with my best friends! We got super dirty but had so much fun making new memories.IMG_3773

After the race we went to SoCo and had lots of girl time and window shopped.IMG_3776

We also had a much deserved lunch from the famous food trucks and farmers market. I got Camarones con crema and it was outstanding! Naps quickly followed…camarones

With my Mom all the way out in Idaho and Bret’s Mom on a lovely vacation, we were so bummed to not get to celebrate with them. BUT Happy Mother’s Day to you both and we are so grateful God would bless us so richly with you as our mothers. We love you!!!

Have a great week, friends! Summer is so close I can hardly stand it!

xo sarah

this abundant list

TAL 19

  1. 20 favorite cocktail recipes from 2 lovely bloggers.
  2. Intriguing take on food photography: a week of groceries from around the world.
  3. Blogging resources for the win.
  4. Stumbled across Brookie’s blog. I have probably listened to this particular Music Monday post 15 times so far.
  5. Be yourself!
  6. Sweet Mother’s Day post with a beautiful dress!
  7. I was inspired by joy this morning and made some yummy oatmeal. Strawberries instead of blackberries, flaxseeds instead of sunflower seeds, and coconut milk instead of almond milk.
  8. Making versus buying. Good read!
  9. A WEEK of Mother’s Day brunch Ideas from Honestly Yum and Joy the Baker.
  10. The Great Gatsby comes out TODAY!
  11. Excited to start reading this book. I really would love for praying to become more and more a part of our everyday life.
  12. How fun is this collaborative blog. These photographs are so real and sweet.
  13. Getting glasses inspiration today. The Girls with Glasses really helped me out!

HAPPY FRIDAY! Make your momma some bread!

xo sarah

the perfect artisan bread

artisan breadThis bread was a surprising and positively wonderful kitchen success.

A beautiful loaf of homemade Artisan Bread and there’s NO-KNEADING? It’s crusty on the outside and fluffy on the inside and there’s NO-KNEADING? It will impress every human soul with a heart for carbs and there’s…..NO-KNEADING? Yup. Truth.

This bread will change your life for so many reasons. The possibilities of deliciousness are endless: simply slather a toasted slice with lots of salted butter. Dip it in a big bowl hearty vegetable soup. Use it as the perfect side to your eggs-any-style. Make it the perfect slate for your avocado toast. Try it sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar or covered in copious amounts of peanut butter, honey, and bananas!

Okay…I’m getting up now to take my flour canister out of the cupboard. This bread is happening. Thank you to Frugal Living NW for this amazing recipe. I, and my carb-loving husband, are forever grateful.

Here’s a couple of facts/tips from hers truly:

  1. This bread is consistently good. It’s a staple for the home.
  2. This bread comes out to roughly 0.74 cents/loaf!
  3. Don’t be afraid of all the steps. The steps are there to help and this bread is possible for bakers of all skill levels.
  4. This bread requires a significant rising time…12-18 hours to be truthful. This allows for more fermentation which yields more flavor (yay for flavor). Start your rising the night before and you’re set to go for the next day! No problem.

Amazing Artisan Bread
slightly adapted from Frugal Living NW


  • 6 cups of bread flour (recommended) or all-purpose flour (which I used and it worked great), plus more for work surface
  • 1/2 tsp. of instant or active-dry yeast
  • 4 tsp. of kosher salt
  • 2 2/3 cups of cool water


  1. In a large bowl, combine the flour, yeast, and kosher salt. Add the water and stir until all the ingredients are well incorporated. The dough should be wet and sticky. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Let the dough rest 12-18 hours on the counter at room temperature. When the dough has: risen, color has darkened slightly, smells yeasty, and bubbles…it is ready! Suggestion: Start this first step the night before and then you are set to go the next day!artisan bread dough
  2. Flour your hands and your work surface. Place dough on work surface and sprinkle with more flour. Fold the dough over on itself once or twice to form a ball.
  3. Take a clean cotton or linen (not terry cloth) tea towel and sprinkle its surface with flour, cornmeal, or wheat germ to prevent the dough from sticking to the towel as it rises. You can also use a floured piece of parchment paper on the towel to make the dough ball easier to handle. Place the dough ball, seam side down, in the middle and dust with more flour. Cover the dough with the (parchment paper and) towel and let it rise for 1-2 hours at room temperature, until it has doubled in size.artisan bread 3artisan dough rising
  4. After about 1 1/2 hours, preheat oven to 425 degrees. Place a 6-8 quart heavy covered pot, such as a cast-iron Dutch oven, in the oven as it heats (Martha Stewart makes a great one for those of us who can’t afford Le Cruset). When the dough has fully risen, carefully remove pot from oven. Remove top towel from dough and slide your hand under the bottom towel; flip the dough over into pot, seam side up. Shake pan once or twice if dough looks unevenly distributed; it will straighten out as it bakes. Suggestion: For that little something extra, drizzle the dough with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sprinkle with more kosher salt.
  5. Cover and bake for 40 minutes. Uncover and continue baking for 10-15 more minutes, until the crust is a cracked and golden. The internal temperature of the bread should be around 200 degrees. You can check this with a meat thermometer, if desired.
  6. Remove the bread from the pot and let it cool completely on a wire rack or cutting board before slicing.

artisan bread 4

More Suggestions: It would be an amazing addition to add rosemary or roasted garlic to the dough before baking. Adding honey and oats might be an option as well. Or try drizzling the top of the dough with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a sprinkle of your favorite spice or seeds before it goes into the oven!

Please enjoy this recipe for years to come. Let the carb-scarfing begin!

xo sarah

gospel monday

Gospel Monday

Happy Monday!

Today I was so blessed by the rain, by the work I had in front of me, and, most definitely, by the Gospel. I didn’t want to let another week go by without posting on the very thing that produces in me the most passion, satisfaction, and joy.

I have been wanting to share for weeks about The Gospel Coalition Conference I was blessed to attend in the beginning of April. I was so thankful to be there and gain teaching and encouragement from so many respected and trustworthy pastors. I finally had a moment to sit down today, collect my thoughts, and share a few of the big ideas God showed me through this conference.

The conference was focused on the life of Jesus as told through the Gospel of Luke. Below are some of the valuable notes I wrote out.

  • From John Piper’s message on Luke 1 & 2: We have certainty in the doctrine of Jesus Christ. The truth about Jesus will always be the truth. The truth about Jesus leads us to repentance and obedience. The truth about Jesus leads us to a life of excellence and sacrifice. The truth about Jesus is something we must know deeply in our souls.
  • From Kevin DeYoung’s message on Luke 15:1-32: God seeks out sinners and is diligently seeking the lost. God rejoices when sinners repent and are saved! We should be a people of patience and compassion for the lost. We should be a people always prepared to seek and find all kinds of lost people. We should be a people marked by our joy in Christ.
  • From Stephen Um’s message on Luke 16:1-31: (on money) When is the last time I have pounded my chest in despair, crying out to the Lord to spare me because of my greed? Money is simply a means of exchange and we need to be theologically intentional with it.
  • From Gary Millar’s message on Luke 22-23: Our situation is so hopeless we actually need someone to trust God for us. Jesus lived the perfect life we could never live and died the death we deserve. Jesus dies in our place. Praise Him.
  • From Tim Keller’s message on Luke 24:1-53: The Resurrection is a shattering historical event. The Resurrection is the key to understanding all of Scripture. The Resurrection is a powerful message to the world. The Resurrection leads us to a place of humble worship. The Resurrection gives us a hope for the future;  that it’s there and that it’s unimaginably magnificent. The Resurrection shows us that everything will be redeemed and restored forevermore.
  • Jesus Christ calls Himself the King. He is the King. Worship Him. Obey Him. Rely on Him. Believe on Him. Expect great things from Him. Come to Him in prayer. He is the King!

I cannot put into words how grateful I was to be at TGC conference and to be poured into for hours upon hours. Not only was I lead in awesome worship and teaching, but I got to spend time with my church family. I will not forget this wonderful experience. Thank you to The Fields for making this experience so amazing. Thank you Jesus for not only saving me, but blessing me with even more grace to live this life ABUNDANTLY!

I hope you were encouraged by these words. Much Love to all of you!

xo sarah

our full life: week eighteen

OFL 18

This week flew by. This week was busy. This week there was not enough picture taking! None-the-less, I present to you: Our Full Life: Week Eighteen.

My breakfast: yogurt with strawberries and hot tea. The usual. breakfast wednesday

I got a little too much sun this week. Sunburn for me = freckles = looking semi-tan for summer time. Fail/nailed-it.sunburnt

There’s been lots of veggies in our diet lately. On Wednesday we had greens, cauliflower and sweet potato fries. dinner wednesday

This was a super yummy treat I let myself have this week. A few of my co-workers and I took our break at Lofty Coffee and I got a chai tea latte. Best chai I’ve ever had. my lofty coffee

One of the major highs of this week was our double date with an awesome couple from our Community Group. Thanks for seeing the Padres with us List Family! Also, thanks for Tin Fish…SO good!padres game sat

May the Lord bless you and keep you this week. Much love!

xo sarah

rosemary + strawberry sodas

It’s hot outside. It’s a gorgeous day. And anything could happen.

photo (3)

Like rosemary + strawberry sodas.

photo (2)

A sweet little treat for all of you. You will enjoy this!

photo (5)

All you need is some rosemary, strawberries, sugar, club soda, and some cute straws! Sit back, relax, and sip on some yummy goodness. Throw in a good book or a friendly face and you are all set!

Rosemary Simple Syrup


  • 6 springs of Rosemary
  • 1 and 1/2 cups of white sugar
  • 2 cups of water

photo (9)


  1. Place all ingredients in a small saucepan.
  2. Heat over medium until it begins to boil. All sugar should be dissolved.
  3. Remove from burner and cover for 30 minutes.
  4. Strain into a tight sealing glass jar. Store in fridge. Enjoy!

Strawberry Simple Syrup


  • 8-10 large strawberries, sliced
  • 1 cup of white sugar
  • 1/2 cups of brown sugar
  • 2 cups of water

photo (19)


  1. Place all ingredients in a small saucepan.
  2. Heat over medium until it begins to boil. All sugar should be dissolved.
  3. Remove from burner and cover for 30 minutes.
  4. Strain into a tight sealing glass jar. Store in fridge. Enjoy!

photo (4)

To make a rosemary + strawberry soda just add a 2-3 tablespoons of each flavored syrup to a glass, pour club soda, and stir! Garnish with a cute straw, a spring of rosemary and a single strawberry! Or keep it pure and simple without mixing the two syrups! Whatever way you like! You can’t mess this up.

photo (18)

What a great way to kick-off  the month of May! Enjoy this weather and the syrups while they last friends.

And a HUGE shout-out/thank you/XOXO to my sweet friend Birttan, of What She Would Have Worn, for making these yummy sodas with me! What a lovely day! Can’t wait to see what we do next. ❤

xo sarah

’tis so sweet…

Life can be…good, confusing, sad, amazing, long-suffering, precious, tragic, tiring, wonderful, blessed, fun, rough, frightening, exciting, lovely, and a whole lot more. But, one thing I know for sure is this: life is sweet.


’Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
Just to take Him at His Word;
Just to rest upon His promise,
And to know, “Thus saith the Lord!”

Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him!
How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er;
Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!
Oh, for grace to trust Him more!

Oh, how sweet to trust in Jesus,
Just to trust His cleansing blood;
And in simple faith to plunge me
’Neath the healing, cleansing flood!

Yes, ’tis sweet to trust in Jesus,
Just from sin and self to cease;
Just from Jesus simply taking
Life and rest, and joy and peace.

I’m so glad I learned to trust Thee,
Precious Jesus, Savior, Friend;
And I know that Thou art with me,
Wilt be with me to the end.


xo sarah