our full life: week sixteen

OFL 16Week sixteen was a whirlwind. It’s always like that after getting back from vacation. Our little home was a place of big messes and throw together meals…but life must go on.

The day we got back into the swing of things, we had our Community Group. I took over the childcare for the night and after 30 minutes of LOUD playing…I put on Toy Story. They did ask for it, however, so I don’t feel AS bad.movie time

We had about 4 loads of laundry to do after emptying our suitcases. This was just the stuff that goes on hangers. Note to self…buy more laundry detergent.laundry day

I was so happy on Wednesday night because Bret was interested in the idea of having a salad for dinner! I guess after a long week of yummy, carb-loaded/sugar-loaded, “Why not? I’m on vacation,” food…you just want to eat a salad. But I think what really won him over was the bacon. It’s always the bacon. bacon salad

And the veggie kick continued with some fresh asparagus and garlic herbed butter. I love this time of year when all my favorite produce is in season!asparagus

And last, but not least, we got to celebrate my best friend this weekend for her 25th birthday! Jocelyn…you are the bestest friend a girl could ask for, an amazing wife and mommy to your family of FIVE, you are SO beautiful inside and out, and you are a true example of the Gospel in my life. I love you!

The restaurant brought her a special ice cream cake and her handsome son, Uriah, helped her blow out the candle. joceys 25th

That’s all, friends! I hope your week is blessed with fun, friends, and spending time outside in God’s wonderful creation!

xo sarah


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