this abundant list

TAL 16

  1. Drooooooling…..
  2. Two guys act out how different animals eat their food. Yup, it’s hilarious!
  3. How cute is this DIY clock!?
  4. I started following a new blog (to me) this week. Love stories & dinner? I’m in! They are a couple in love, cooking up a storm. They even do a list of their own: 100 Rules of Dinner. SO funny and super helpful.
  5. Bret bought me some of these beauties this week. I am SO excited!
  6. Been wearing lots of dresses the last couple of weeks. Some with straps, some with sleeves, and all with style. Check this one out.
  7. This is the most EPIC ice cream cake I’ve ever seen! Bret would be in awe.
  8. Speaking of ice cream…this strawberry angel food ice cream is next on my list!
  9. Finally updated the blog with my instagram feed. So glad this is available now!
  10. What are you doing for Cinco De Mayo? Simply Scratch has so many ideas and recipes right now!
  11. Interesting article about kale. I guess I’m trendy.
  12. I still think about this video all the time. Scared is afraid of scared! So sweet.

xo sarah


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