our full life: week fourteen

OFL 14

This week was wonderful in so many ways…mostly because it was the week before vacation! I am literally writing this post in the airport waiting to board our flight to Florida! So…next weeks post will be even more exciting.

We started the week with a community group potluck. Man oh man it was delicious!potluck

Work this week was crazy getting ready to leave. These envelpes (200 of them) took me and the media team THREE HOURS to figure out how to print on! All in a days work.work day

Shopping for sunglasses is fun. Especially at Urban Outfitters where they’re all $14! Likey?sunglasses

Getting  new rainbows was also fun. Getting them worn in won’t be as much fun. No blisters…please? Thank you!rainbows

Walked by the beach with my junior high girls this week. AWESOME time. Starbucks with them was nice too.beach walk

Happy Birthday Uncle Steven! 50 will be a good year! Love you!birthday!

Our lazy saturday treat…popcorn and Hulu. Perfection.popcorn

Sunset. Can’t get enough. Love love love Carlsbad.sunset

SUCH a lovely couple. Got to see an awesome art show at the Craftlab with them. Can’t wait for their wedding in August.couple

Pass the pigs. AMAZING! Leaning jowler for the win.pass the pigs

That’s all friends! Gotta go board my flight!

xo sarah


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