gospel monday

Gospel Monday

This week is widely known as Holy Week. The week before Resurrection Sunday or Easter. I hope this post can encourage and inspire you to dwell on the gospel and all that it entails this Easter season. An amazing article written by Jason Holcomb from The Resurgence, inspired this post. Holcomb lays out the Gospel so clearly and it reminds us of what truly happened:


Jesus was really dead. He was beaten and scourged. Many people died just from the scourging. And then he was nailed to a cross with three spikes that were 7–9 inches long and a half-inch thick. And to make sure he was dead, they speared him in the side to pierce both his lung and heart. He died the death we should have died. He died in our place for our sin. John 19:1-37.


Jesus was also buried and everyone involved knew where. The tomb was sealed with a Roman seal and guarded so nobody would mess with it. The chief priests, disciples, and followers of Jesus all knew where it as. It was under Roman guard. His body wasn’t misplaced; it was in a tomb for three days. John 19: 38-42.


Jesus rose from the dead. He showed up to his disciples and followers and then to over 500 people who saw him (1 Cor. 15:6). His disciples didn’t steal his body and promote a hoax they claimed to be true and for which they would all later be killed violently. He didn’t pass out on the cross, resuscitate later in the tomb, tear off the 75 pounds of linen burial cloths, push back an enormous stone by himself, and then overpower armed guards. His resurrection proved his victory over sin and death and ensures believers’ regeneration (1 Pet 1:3-5), justification (Rom 4:25), and future resurrection (1 Cor 6:14). This part of history can be found in John 20-21.

As this week continues, I encourage you to read all 4 gospels’ (Matthew, Mark Luke and John) descriptions of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each one shows a unique perpective, but all show the same immeasurable love that Jesus has for His Father and His children. Jesus endured the wrath and death that we deserved so that we can have forgiveness and joy everlasting! Prepare your heart this week and celebrate what has been accomplished for ALL who believe! It is something WORTH celebrating every day of our lives! Jesus is ALIVE!

LINKS: PROOF of the Resurrection and It Is Finished!

xo sarah


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