our full life: week twelve

OFL 12

This week was our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary! While it was super busy, it was also filled with moments that reminded us of each other’s love. It was also filled with a lot of yummy food. I hope you like food as much as we do!

We started off the week with a big comforting pot of soup. I adapted a recipe from Shutterbean. It’s my “healthier” version of her Tuscan Ribollita.soup

We celebrated Bret’s birthday a little early this year with my dad and grandparents. Old Spaghetti Factory really knows what they’re doing when it comes to mizithra cheese. Aren’t my Granny and Grandpa the cutest couple?! Married over 50 years.osf with grandparents

I spent some time this week making some spiced milk. There’s some star of anise, nutmeg, and more! Recipe soon to come. spiced milk

I also made a delicious snack with these bananas. Sweet and salty banana chipsbananas

Because our anniversary fell on a Tuesday (which is super busy day for us) we decided to celebrate on Saturday. Bret made me this scrumptious breakfast for me: an omelet with tomatoes, green onion, cheddar and bacon.breakfast

Then we spent the rest of the day watching a movie, going to lunch, perusing target, and eventually headed out for a walk before dinner. beach walk

The pelicans overhead were so amazing! pelicans

The sun setting was so beautiful. I wish my camera phone could have done it justice.sunset

After our walk we proceeded to have an amazing feast. We had initially wanted crab legs, but at $45.00/lb…..no thanks. Maybe when they’re in season. We went for a tappas sort of feel. We shared a bottle of the same sparkling wine we had on our wedding night two years ago. A great night was had indeed.anniversary

Then, as if things couldn’t get better (or worse), we had homemade milkshakes. Malted robins egg milkshakes to be exact.milkshake

That’s all friends! I hope you are looking to Jesus this Easter season and trust in His amazing grace. Thanks for reading!

xo sarah


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