this abundant list

tal 11

Healthy choice list:

  1. I’ve been pre-slicing all my veggies for easy salad making lately. But who knew cucumbers were so awesome for other things too!? Joy the Baker knew. YUM!
  2. Reading an amazing devotional called Gospel Primer. Give it a go, friends!
  3. Taking walks has been so wonderful lately. The spring weather is gorgeous which makes it that much more worth it! And so does this.
  4. Using an awesome oil hair mask this week. Macadamias for the win.
  5. Definitely going back to the fool proof Oil Cleansing Method again. I got to get rid of my blemishes that have been flaring up. I don’t know why I ever stop!

Guilty pleasure list:

  1. Watching episode after episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Hulu. Did any other girl have as much of an obsession as I did?
  2. Chocolate Chip Cookies: BEST RECIPE EVER.
  3. I can’t stop thinking about this purse and these shoes. I can find the money just “laying around,” right?!? And, oh yeah, this necklace….
  4. Wanting to try this Hot Mess burger is embarrassing. Keeping it real guys….
  5. Been loving this cocktail lately: silver tequila, club soda and lime juice.

What are some of your healthy choices? Guilty pleasures?

xo sarah


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