our full life: week eleven

OFL 11This week was so very wonderful. I kept thinking about the fact that exactly two years ago it was the week before my wedding day. I reminisced over the way I felt those last few days as an engaged woman and the beautiful spring weather. I will now and always have a certain kind of sweet anticipation in March.

I began the week with my friend Brittan of What She Would Have Worn. We thrifted all around Escondido. Isn’t she just lovely!?!?Brit and me

I had breakfast at my desk on Tuesday: a granola bar and Peet’s cafe au’lait. breakfast 11

I absolutely love the fog. This was the view outside my office door.foggy

Trader Joe’s knows how to do delicious. Speculoos cookies and peppermint patties.CG treats

Tea time at community group. From top clockwise: Ginger, blackberry vanilla, red thai.tea time at CG

There were three whole loads of laundry this week. Thankfully, I had some extra muscle (aka Bret) helping me lug them to the laundry building.laundry day

I had a shopping day with my sweet grandma on Saturday. I got this lovely red dress for a great price! Yup…those are our yummy lattes in the background.shopping

Let’s be real: every mall trip deserves a Hot Dog on a Stick, right? I’ll answer for you… yes. Yes it does. I ate the whole thing before I remembered to take a photo!hot dog on a stick lunch

Impromptu date night with this hottie. Sushi and Batman…it was perfect.IMG_3345

Some sweet “leprechaun” shamrocked my door this morning and left me a St. Patrick’s Day surprise. Thanks for the delicious gold coins Jocelynshamrocked

DELICIOUS St. Patrick’s Day dinner! Thank you dad! I LOVE corn beef and cabbage.st pattys

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed your week as much as I did. I pray it was filled with the abundant love that Christ offers!

xo sarah


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