the silliest fight ever

So…Bret and I got into a fight last night.

First, let me tell you that I hate getting in fights with anyone…especially my husband. Second, let me tell you that this fight will end up being one of our funnier anecdotes.


Last night, after dinner was done and we were winding down, we both felt like dessert. I went for something simple: milk and cookies. Bret wanted something a little less simple: a milkshake.

He bought himself a pint of cookies & cream ice cream a couple of weeks ago and we have a bunch of milk we need to use up. Everything looked as if it was working out perfectly. He asked me what I thought, “Sweetie, should I just have my ice cream or should I go to the trouble and make myself a milkshake?”

I said, “Sure! Make a milkshake. That will be good. But if you want to make a milk shake, you’re going to have to wash the blender.”

This is the most important fact of all: Bret had NO idea that the blender was still dirty and sitting in the sink from earlier. He assumed it was in the cupboard where it usually is.


Well, Bret was immediately thrown off. He thought that I was saying, “If you make the milkshake you’re going to have to wash the blender immediately after using it because I am not going to wash it for you.”

And I was immediately thrown off because I thought he knew the blender was dirty and was saying, “Hey…I want a milkshake so get in the kitchen and wash that blender for me.”

Well…I think you can imagine what happened from there. With all the confusion…we squabbled for about 5 minutes about this dumb blender. Neither of us were wrong for being upset about what we thought the other was asking of us. We have our own set of expectations and they were definitely not being met (although…it could have been selfish to have any expectations, I realize). However, the information each of us had was pretty mixed up.


It is definitely not normal that Bret would ask me to wash something for him right away just so he could use it. He would just wash it himself if he wanted it. And it is definitely not normal that I would have Bret wash his dishes right away after using them. It doesn’t bother me if they sit there for a bit…and I’ll usually do them on my own (I like doing dishes).

Eventually, we got to the bottom of our blender miscommunication and we couldn’t help but laugh at ourselves! It was hilarious how confused we were with each other. It was even more hilarious how one little piece of unknown information could unravel us! I am so thankful we figured out what was going wrong and that it didn’t escalate too far. I need to remember a couple things in situations like these: 1. Ephesians 5:33 2. Speak clearly and don’t leave out any important details and 3. Always kiss and make up.

Anyway, I had to share and let everyone in our little secret: we fight about blenders and milkshakes. That’s how much we love food. And each other…even more so.


Have you ever had a crazy ridiculous fight that ended in a good laugh?! Thanks for reading, friends!

xo sarah


5 thoughts on “the silliest fight ever

  1. We’ve had many of those confusing fights as well. I think you’re right when you say that it’s important to communicate clearly and not assume that he knows what you’re trying to say. Sometimes I’ll say something and mean it one way, but he hears what I said and takes it in a completely different direction. Love and Respect. Two very important things in a marriage!

  2. Wow, that was funny… ! And to answer your question about fights , Tom and I communicate really well and appreciate each other so we really , don’t get in silly fights …. And we both like to giveand be kind to each other, so there really isn’t any selfishness ,
    He really is the light of my life…. And we laugh a lot !!

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