our full life: week ten

OFL 10

Spent some time with friends discussing dating, marriage, and the bible. It was wonderful. Black apricot tea and a warm fire was such a treat!coffee and fire

Egg scramble for one: cherry tomatoes, green onion and cheddar. Seriously, yum.eggscramble

Pairing it with a dirty chai always helps. Can you see me??coffee

Selfie. It was fun making my hair wavy this week!selfie

I had to stop for a picture on my way home from work. It deeply reminded me of Romans 1:20beach

I love that my husband is so close with his sister. They can always share a good laugh  together!siblings

Double date with these two handsome people. Churchills serves the best Black and Blue Cider and Vanilla Ballast!friends

Irish Pub garlic chips. UHHH-Mazing!!!chips

Another beautiful sky. So blessed to be so close to the beach! beach 2

It was a rainy, sunny, and super fun week…I think spring has finally arrived! What do you have planned for spring this year?

xo sarah


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