our full life: week nine


This week was FULL of family, friends errands, dates, good food, and general busy body things. Overall, it was a blessed week!

First of all, the sky has been absolutely gorgeous this week. Praise God for spring!sky

Coffee date with this beautiful lady. We indulged and got frappuccinos. IMG_3217

We also indulged our super silly side and made up a romantic-comedy for this duck. She has a cleft bill and her name is Wanda. She’s beautiful on the inside.  Photo credits go to P-town.IMG_3216

What a gift it was to get together with some of my family. I met with my Grandma and my Aunt Margi. Three generations of women! 3 generations

We had breakfast at Hans & Harry’s Bakery in Bonita. SO yummy. SO lovely.hans and harrys

hans and harrys 2

I dream about having a tree like this one day. Aunt Margi has the green thumb.aunt m's tree

I made stew. Bret is obsessed with this stew: bacon, chorizo, pork shoulder, beans…man food. Recipe soon to come!stew prep

I also made Croque Monsieur sandwiches. I call them croques. More man food for my man. Recipe also soon to come.croques

And Let’s be real. This is what my sink situation looked like most of the week. And just imagine what my laundry was like….sink situation

I had the great pleasure of seeing my niece FOUR times this week! She is way too cute and has the best expressions.lucyCollage

And my sister was pretty popular with the babies! Long live the Gerber puffs.puff babies

Lastly, the week wouldn’t be complete without a work-related Costco run. At least it was warm enough to wear shorts! And yellow flats, of course.costco run

That’s all friends! I hope your week was spent enjoying the grace of our GOOD God.

xo sarah


8 thoughts on “our full life: week nine

  1. Sar, Love that you posted a pic of the dirty dishes! Way to be real!!! So glad I got to enjoy time with you this week. My life is forever changed by Wanda. Hahah. And Lucy just keeps getting cuter and cuter! ANNNDDDD Sarah is so flippin beautiful! Annnnddd that cafe? YUM! Looks delish! Thanks for sharing your awesome snippets! It’s like a road trip through your week! XOXO

    • QUACKING up (hahahaha) over this: “We also indulged our super silly side and made up a romantic-comedy for this duck. She has a cleft bill and her name is Wanda. She’s beautiful on the inside. ” WE ARE SO WEIRD. and I love it…

      • I love it too. WE DEFINITELY are SO WEIRD! But I am so blessed to have a friend like you to be totally myself with…duck craziness and all!

        xoxoxo sarah

  2. My what great photos of your week, so glad we got to spend sometime with you and my son too! I also loved the sink photo… A little shot of the aftermath of what you enjoy so much !! Great pic of the generations, cherished memories for sure, and my beautiful Lucy what a blessing…. So nice that you also have a big sister now !! she is truly amazing if I may say so myself…
    Thanks for sharing your full week with me.

    • Thanks for reading Mom! I just WISH I could have snapped some shots of our family night and all the sweet gifts and cake we shared. Thank you, again, for everything and always being so thoughtful. Love you!

      xo sarah

    • Wanda’s story is still unfolding. We hope she can find true love. One very special male duck will see her for who she really is: Wanda the Beautiful.

      Haha…it’s really just a crazy story my girl-friend I made up over a fun coffee date. Thanks for reading! Man food recipes coming this week!

      xo sarah

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