this abundant list

I hope your short month of February was love-filled, sweet and satisfying!

TAL coffee

Here are a couple links I thought were interesting, funny or note-worthy:

  1. I personally love the whole bike riding, beard wearing, instagraming, hipster thing…but this video is hilarious. 
  2. Do you like the cream filling in oreo’s? Well, this guy hates it. Too funny!
  3. I think I might start getting into americanos after reading an article my husband told me about.
  4. Who wants to come over and make buttermilk beignets with me? Americanos included!
  5. Interesting food documentary on Netflix. Definitely made me want to eat lots of aloe and chia seeds.
  6. I want a golden glittering jewelry dish! Seems easy enough.
  7. How does he do this?!?!?! My husband is pretty into illusions, and I can’t help but dork out on it too.
  8. I’m cutting straighties again on Saturday. Love this style.
  9. I like that this fellow blogger posts a “quote of the week” and this one in particular is awesome. Gotta love Amy Poehler and being silly.
  10. If only I could be as passionate and committed reader as Rory Gilmore.
  11. Adorable bottle opener. Now I just need starfish salt shakers.
  12. Perfect for the citrus obsession I have.

That’s all friends! Do you have any lovely links to share!? I’d love to see.

xo sarah


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