gospel monday

Gospel Monday

What is the Gospel? This is a question I repeatedly have to ask myself. The Gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ! But to better understand what the Gospel IS we need to define what it ISN’T. Last week my church as well as my husband and I discussed the following:

  • The gospel is not therapy or self-help.
  • The gospel is not a system of morality.
  • The gospel is not political or social deliverance or restructuring.
  • The gospel is not about your personal fulfillment, giving you a reason to live or a purpose.
  • The gospel is not even actually about heaven or hell.

Wow! When I really take the time to think about what the Gospel isn’t, I can better understand it for what it is. Yet, because God is so good, the Gospel can bring us purpose and fulfillment and the hope of eternity in our daily lives. Ultimately, however, the Gospel is not about us. It is entirely about GOD! His glory, His power, His wonder, His will, His amazing grace. And this is a good thing! Below are a couple of quotes I really appreciate about the Gospel:

“The goal of the gospel in not our personal transformation, moral renewal or therapeutic healing. That may be the effect of the gospel, but it is not the goal…our salvation comes from believing the gospel, it is a result or effect of the gospel, but it is not the gospel itself.” Mike Gunn

“The Christian gospel is not merely that Jesus died and rose again; and not merely that these events appease God’s wrath, forgive sin, and justify sinners; and not merely that this redemption gets us out of hell and into heaven; but that they bring us to the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ as our supreme, all-satisfying, and everlasting treasure. “Christ . . . suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God” John Piper

“When Paul speaks of “the gospel of the glory of Christ,” he means that the events of the gospel are designed by God to reveal the glory of Christ. This is not incidental to the gospel-it’s essential. The gospel would not be good news if it did not reveal the glory of Christ for us to see and savor. It is the glory of Christ that finally satisfies our soul. We are made for Christ and Christ died so that every obstacle would be removed that keeps us from seeing and savoring the most satisfying treasure in the universe-namely, Christ, who is the image of God.” John Piper

Words fall short of how to describe the goodness of the Gospel…but GOSH it is so good! I am challenged to begin preaching the gospel to myself and others all throughout the day. Internally and externally. I want to remember my God who saved me, always, in all things. I would encourage you to do the same! Until next week, friends!

xo sarah


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