this abundant list {valentine’s day}

I LOVE Valentine’s Day! It could be for a few reasons, in fact. Maybe it is because I didn’t have a boy to celebrate with until I was 20, so I longed for the day that I could. Maybe it is because it comes 2 days before my birthday, which means lots of celebrating all in one week! Maybe it is because I love red and pink and hearts. Or maybe it is because I love sweets and flowers. Oh! I know. It’s because of LOVE!

Whether you love or hate this holiday, we can all admit that celebrating love is a wonderful thing. Looking for some fun ways to celebrate? I created a list just for you of all the things I recommend trying out this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

valentine TAL

  1. Looking for that perfect DIY hipster valentine’s date night? Here you go!
  2. My beautiful friend Brittan, of What She Would Have Worn, created the most delectable Valentines Day Dessert. MMM. And she has a sweet LOVE story.
  3. OBSESSED!!!!! Okay…beyond obsessed. I have to make these Valentine Tea Bags for my besties! Swoon.
  4. I really want to make these cream filled heart sandwich cookies. As always…thank you Martha for inspiration to all us bakers out there.
  5. Share a night-cap with the hubby! This pomegranate raspberry champagne cocktail looks deeelish! Or maybe get a little crazy and try a “Frenchy“?
  6. I never thought a rock could be used as a such meaningful love offering! Can someone please get me one of those rocks? I’ll be your Valentine.
  7. Chocolate and espresso! What could be better in a brownie? And they’re healthy?!
  8. Love this idea! Find a map of the place you and your special someone met, got married, or lived life together. Then, cut it into a heart and frame it. So sweet.
  9. I hope to have kids someday. If I do, I would really like to make these adorable diy neon valentines for them and their classmates.
  10. When being disciplined, we are strictly paleo. Maybe I should go for these paleo valentine’s treats instead of all the amounts of chocolate chips I want to devour?
  11. Salad lovers, rejoice! Try these beet dyed goat cheese hearts on your next salad. Perfect for February. Perfect for me.
  12. Bon Appetit sure knows their stuff when it comes to Valentine’s Day! Menus, parties, and gift ideas galore.
  13. Heart milk cubes. Done.
  14. Last, click here and here and here to read and SEE some of the LOVE stories I share with my sweet man.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!!! Celebrate through the most amazing example of true love we could ever know (Romans 5:8).

xoxoxoxoxoxo sarah


6 thoughts on “this abundant list {valentine’s day}

  1. Great blog!!! So many neat things !!! Honey I loved all the photos, I even saw some I hadn’t seen before !!! Thanks for sharing them all again !!!!!


  2. I forgot you had a Valentinesy birthday, like me. I feel the same way about this time of year, too!! Love the links to all your beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!! xo

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