valentine’s day goodies

These two Valentine’s Day projects are easy as ABC, 123, and even easier than pie!

The first one is sweet. Le’s just be honest: the more yummy treats I have to gobble up, the more likely I am to work on other cute Valentine’s Day projects. And I don’t know about you…but rice krispy treats can be the death of me. They are so addicting, light and subtle, and I feel like I could eat 10 at a time. So, yeah. Watch out.

Rice Krispy Sweet Hearts

valentine krispies


  • 6 cups of Rice Krispy cereal
  • 4 – 5 cups of mini marshmallows
  • 3 Tablespoons of butter
  • Red food coloring
  • 9×13 pan
  • Heart shaped cookie cutter. Any size works.


  1. Grease a 9×13 pan with butter. MMMM butter.
  2. In a large pan, melt your butter and mini marshmallows over medium heat until smooth.
  3. Add red food coloring to desired color. If you like pink, add 1-3 drops. If you like red, add 4-6 drops.
  4. Add your rice krispy cereal bit by bit stirring consistently. When the mixture is combined well, take it off the heat.
  5. Transfer your mixture to the 9×13 pan. Spread and press it in well. Let it cool for a couple of minutes.
  6. Flip the pan upside down onto a cutting board.
  7. Begin cutting out your hearts!  I used the random leftover scraps and pressed them together again to get one or two more hearts out of the batch.
  8. Let them cool just a bit longer and then ENJOY!!!

I was inspired by this sweet blog.

The second Valentine’s Day project is one inspired by my love to create cute things and my husband’s love for playing cards. His collection is unreal. So I thought…why not make something cute with one of our “whatever” decks we had laying around. Wa-la! Cute Card of Hearts Valentine Garland! Make this for the lovely holiday and bring cheer to your home.

Card of Hearts Valentine Garland

valentine garland

Things you need:

  • a pack of red playing cards
  • hole punch (mine is a HEART hole punch!)
  • scissors
  • ~5-6 feet of string, twine, or ribbon


  1. Pull all of the heart and diamond suited cards out of the deck. Separate into two piles: one for hearts one for diamonds.
  2. Punch two holes at the top of each heart suited card (see picture above)
  3. Cut each diamond suited card into a heart shape. I free-handed this, but a scrapbook heart paper cutter would be great too.
  4. Punch two holes at the top of each heart. See picture above.
  5. Assemble the garland: String the cards through the hole punches you made alternating the heart shapes and the heart suited cards. Spread out evenly.
  6. Wa-la! Cute garland just for you! Hang it up for all to see! Mine is up in our kitchen.

Check back in tomorrow for all my abundant list of Valentine’s Day ideas!

xo sarah


8 thoughts on “valentine’s day goodies

  1. So cute r u… Love the garland, and the rice crispy looks so good…always worried because I figured I burned Bret out on those for making them so much when we first started watching survivor on family night!!! Needless to say I made them almost every week for dessert !!! Lol

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