diy: paper calendar journal

This is a month late. I realize that and it drives me nuts…but now is better than never. I hope it doesn’t hold you back from trying it out! So before you throw out the list of all the stuff you did/had in January, make this paper calendar journal! It’s such a fun and easy project!


Click here to find the original post where I got my inspiration.

So, as I was saying, I intended to post this  back in December. That would have been the “studious” thing to do, BUT I have a very good reason. I was making this particular craft as a Christmas gift for four of my best girlfriends. However, our Annual Christmas Tea got pushed out a month until January 26. I couldn’t post about the calendar or they would have known exactly what I was making them. There. see? It’s justified. Here are all four of them ready to be gifted:

cal 2

Anyway, start this project TODAY, have fun with it, get creative and make it personal. That’s my advice. Take it or leave it. I’m excited to fill this paper calendar journal out each day and then come back together in a year and talk about it with my friends.

Things You Will Need:

  • A small square box. A fruit box would work. I used this box made by Martha Stewart and sold at Staples.
  • 12 pieces of card-stock to mark each month. You could use vintage postcards found at flea markets. I used jewel colored card-stock and personally hand-lettered/designed each card for each month.
  • 180 4 x 6″ lined index cards
  • A date stamp
  • Stamp pad with desired color of ink
  • A paper cutter (or scissors).
  • Twine and tags (if you are gifting)


  1. Cut index cards in half with the paper cutter. I used an industrial size paper cutter  in my office at work, which made it extremely easy.
  2. Stamp the month and date on the top of each card. This usually takes no more then 5 minutes per month.
  3. Cut the postcards or colored card-stock to about the same width of your box but small enough that they’ll still slide in. And make them just a little longer height-wise than the index cards so the top pops.
  4. If you are designing your own pieces of card-stock to separate the months, then this is the step for that. I had so much fun with this. Make it your own!
  5. Organize the index cards and postcards/card-stock to separate each month.
  6. If you are giving it as a gift, tie it up with twine and cute gift tag. Wa-La! beautiful!

Here are a couple examples of my hand-lettering/designing. This is a fun way to make it really special and personal:


That’s about it! Please let me know if you have any questions. And do not let this February 1st date hold you back. It can be such a joy to journal your year with the ones you love. Start today!

xo sarah


6 thoughts on “diy: paper calendar journal

  1. Love this idea!!! I was thinking it would be really fun to modify this and put fun things to do on some cards. You could then put those cards in each month and schedule fun activities…

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