our full life: week four


Not a ton to share this week. I came down with the common cold…AGAIN. Getting sick is a bummmmmer. But without fail, there is still a TON to be grateful for.

I ate my colors for breakfast. Mango and red bell pepper for extra vitamin C.


Bret and I were invited over to a friend’s house for dinner. Bret had fun being silly with their kiddos. Their daughter put a Star Wars sticker on his shirt. He will never object to Star Wars!

silly bret

I LOVE all things spicy. My mouth can withstand very hot temperatures and flavors. I was hoping that if I poured hot salsa in my caldo de pollo it would help congestion.


Put together a new outfit combination I love! Brown boots and brown tights with a floral dress and long purple cardigan. What do you think Rena?

new outfit

I was finishing up a present for my girlfriends this week. LOTS of stamping and custom hand-lettering. LOTS of cantaloupe for vitamin C. Blog post next week with the finished product and DIY tutorial!

craft chaos

I made szechuan chicken for the first time. I added some dried red chilis to the recipe and it was like having Chinese take-out at home! Now if I could only master egg rolls.


I baked Joy the Baker’s orange poppyseed tea biscuits. They were killer.

tea biscuits

And lastly…the best part of my whole week was spending time with some of the most amazing girls I know. We have been getting together  for an annual Christmas Tea (postponed this year) for 11 years now and I love each year more then the last. We drink tea, eat tons of delicious food and treats and exchange gifts. Most of all we love on each other and laugh! I love you girls…thank you for always being there! #bfffive

girls tea

tea food

tea cup

making tea


That’s all friends! Blessings to you and your family in the week to come.

xo sarah


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