this abundant list

Hello friends!

Do you ever wish you had a more time to cook, bake, create, craft, etc.? I know that’s me. Can I get paid to bake cookies someday, please? Well, right now I am working on a big project that I have put off until the last minute (of course) and it needs to get done by tomorrow evening. I’m kind of nervous about it and I hope it gets done in time/turns out the way I am anticipating. But I will try to stay positive and just have fun doing it! Here is a list of random, inspirational, and noteworthy things to pump me (and you) up for the many hours of crafting to come.


  1. This is an UHH-mazing one minute message about forgiveness. Preach it Piper.
  2. I hope I can mimic some of these awesome hand-lettering techniques.
  3. Inspiration from a mom who wants to cherish every moment. Even when folding laundry.
  4. Love is in the air…and so is the common cold. I caught it for the third time this season, but I think elderberry syrup has been helping a lot this time!
  5. Listening to music and loving Bird Song.
  6. Excited for the latest Joy the Baker Podcast.
  7. I hope my package comes from David’s so I can brew some delicious blueberry jam organic tea.
  8. I’ll need some motivation throughout the day. Romans 1 it is.
  9. In need of a good laugh…this video kills me. This kid is for reals not joking and it makes me so happy. I can’t say I’d do any better though!
  10. I might need a baking break. I think I’ll try these orange poppyseed tea biscuits.

I’ll have a post up next week with the results of my craft! Yay!

xo sarah


6 thoughts on “this abundant list

    • I know huh!? Can’t wait to try them. And thanks girl…but I usually just follow the recipe and add more of what I know I like 😉 so for the tea biscuits ill probably go heavy on the poppy seeds!


  1. Loved this! The Piper link isn’t right, just so you know. Also, I want to know more about the Tea of the Month! Sounds intriguing and lovely!

    • Thanks Erika! Thanks for telling me – its all fixed now 🙂

      And the tea if the month is just a brand new flavor they introduce into their collection each month. You have to order it online. I wish it was set up like a reoccurring subscription, but I think you just have to check in each month. I love their stuff.

      Thanks for reading!!


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