chocolate covered banana craving

It wasn’t always this way for me, but I seriously love bananas. Bananas are one of my favorite fruits and they’re even better in baked goods or desserts. Sometimes I’ll just eat a banana dipped in almond butter and call it a day!

A few lazy Saturdays ago, I got a hankering for a frozen chocolate covered banana and I thought I’d to give it a try for myself! I decided to slice up a banana, freeze the slices on a baking sheet, and dip each piece into melted chocolate. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely successful: chocolate was spilled, bananas were dropped, and I only really saved a few pieces, but it was fun trying! Paired with some hot coffee…perfect Saturday snack!

chocolate dipped banana 2

What is your favorite banana dish? What have you been adventurous with in the kitchen lately!? I would love to know!

xo sarah


7 thoughts on “chocolate covered banana craving

  1. Today I made these cookies, they came out so good: Preheat oven 375 degrees
    Mix Throughly with mixer till well blended….
    1pkg Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix
    1stick of butter
    1small pkg vanilla pudding mix
    1/4c of milk
    1/4c of whipping cream
    1/2c of sunflower seeds
    1c of toasted granola
    1/2c of coconut
    1/2c of ground almonds
    Bake @ 375 degrees until golden brown
    About 10 minutes
    And Amazing cookies are born!!!
    I ate (3) after dinner YUM ! With a cup
    Of ginger/ pear tea : ) : )

  2. I love banana & peanut butter sandwiches on soft white bread !!!! and I agree with rena, those chocolate banana bites look so good…. maybe another family night dessert !!!


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