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The list this week is a little selfish, but for a fun reason! In a little less than one month, I will be turning 25! A quarter of a century…whoa. That being said, I am making a list of all the possible ways I could celebrate the day!

I would love to hear your suggestions about how to celebrate, where to go, what to do, what to eat, anything! Basically, what should I experience as a 25 year old? I know Joy the Baker has an awesome list of what to do when you are Turning Twentyone and I’d love to compile a list of my own! But as far as celebrating, here’s my list of possibilities:

  1. Visit Coronado. Wear a pretty dress, ride bikes, eat at Island Pasta.
  2. Have a dinner party. Serve bratwurst and beer. Make soft pretzels and have lots of Sprinkles Cupcakes…red velvet, of course.
  3. Get a tattoo. Wait, who am I kidding? Or am I?
  4. Get a massage, a facial, sushi: the works.
  5. Have an old school sleepover with all my girlfriends. Head on over to The Pannikin for breakfast.
  6. Take a cooking class at Sur La Table!
  7. Beach walk at sunset and take-out Chinese food. Lots of eggrolls are a must.
  8. Be a little crazy with laughing and singing at San Diego’s dueling piano bar: The Shout House.
  9. Be a little hipster with some slices from Pizzeria Luigi and Mules at Starlite.
  10. Have a classic game night. Scattergories until we all fall asleep!
  11. Get classy with dinner at Bankers Hill. Then go for a little slice of Heaven and a cup of tea at Extraordinary Desserts.
  12. Go for an early morning hike at Torrey Pines then for breakfast at Claire’s.
  13. Spend the day watching girly movies and making ice cream.
  14. Craft & Sew. Because there never seems to be enough time for it other days.
  15. Throw together a soccer scrimmage and go out for pizza after!
  16. Go bankrupt shopping for tea.

So….in light of discussing birthdays, I think presents are in order:  I am hosting a sweet giveaway! Please post a comment below to be entered to win some of my favorite treats from Trader Joe’s. I would love to hear your perspective. In your comment, please answer one or more of the following: what did you do for your 25th Birthday? From the list above, what is your vote on how I should celebrate my birthday this year? Or, give me your own awesome idea!

NOTE: Giveaway will end on January 24th at 12:00pm. Winner will be selected at random. Winner will be notified via email and I will post their win in the comment thread. Let the commenting begin! Restrictions: Winner must live within the continental United States.

xo sarah

*Photo Credit: Jessica Hannon


12 thoughts on “this abundant list {giveaway}

  1. Hey Sar! Would love to help you celebrate whatever you decide to do! I actually did the fancy dinner with my family and then Extraordinary Desserts with friends for my 25th!! So that was fun, otherwise I like the cooking class or craft and sew…. because like you said, never enough time… and take time embracing your passions as a way to usher a new year of life!

  2. Ooh birthdays are so fun! For my 25th a bunch of friends went to see the newest Twilight out at the time and went to Thai food for dinner! We were supposed to also get cold stone ice cream but got too tired. Haha. Oh, and that was the year I got my feather tattoo in South Africa! 😉
    For you, I think a Coronado day sounds super fun, and you could check a few other things off the list while you’re there (like buying a ton of tea, and getting that gorgeous tattoo! )
    I’m sure you’ll totally have a blast whatever you do! Great ideas! Xoxo

  3. Wow! and i thought i got excited about having a b’day! I have to say, if you throw a soccer game, I’m in! ( be warned I play for fun not skills)! The highlight of my 25th was being treated to a special lunch with champagne and yummy salads by a close family friend…it was sort of unexpected, but made me feel super special! So go for something that is no pressure, less planning ( and I’m a big planner/thinker), and go with what makes you feel loved and replenished!

    If you visit Coronado, can i recommend Tartine? Its at the very east end of Orange Avenue on 1st street, and they have panini deli sandwiches, a cute patio, and are right across from a lovely grass park where you can picnic/walk/bike and watch the san diego boats come into harbor!

    oo and if you’re a tea fan have you been to Summers Past Farms? They have beautiful gardens, on-site soap making, and they do workshops around making tea and other fun girly things! This may just put the tea with your cake, literally. (:

    Thanks for sharing about your adventures, I’ve been enjoying reading every now and then. Whatever you do, you will have a wonderful day I’m sure!

  4. Plllleeeasssseeee have a sleepover so I can come to your house and have fun with you!! We could play truth or dare and TP my parents house or something. lol.


  5. well, I didn’t really do much for mine, but I love your ideas. I think a combination would be great – i.e. Spend the day watching girly movies, be a little crazy with laughing and singing at San Diego’s dueling piano bar, then have an old school sleepover with all your girlfriends

  6. well I can’t remeber back that far… but I do know for sure I was chasing after your hubby who was almost 2 at that time…lol…. I love the list of things you are thinking of doing… but some how I think #6 cooking class has you wrtiiten all over it, followed by # 7 with the love of your life…
    I hope & pray now matter what you decide to do it’s a wonderful birthday filled with love and blessing.


  7. For my 25th Birthday i had a party on the Patio of PF Chang with 20 of my closest friends and family. After dinner we went to some of the local bars in Carlsbad. It was really fun….. a month later i found out i was pregnant…. so it was REALLY fun. (yes i was and am married)

    From the list below. i think you should actually combine two. I think you should take a cooking class at Sur La Table (and take me with you) and them have a good ol’ fashion slumber party! i remember when i lived with my best friends and we would spend the nights piled on a bed laughing and talking all night. being a married mom, i miss those times and would love to have that. Maybe you could split the cost of a nice hotel room and have a slumber party there. go out and get some yummy take out and order a movie.

    have fun!

  8. Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway!!! It was SO fun reading about what you did for your 25th birthday as well as your advice about what I should do. I am still undecided, but leaning towards some ideas more than other after your wonderful imput.

    And out Winner is JANICE!!! Thank you so much! Your package of treats will arrive soon!

    xo sarah

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