gospel monday


Amazing words! If there is anything in life that we should be passionate about, it’s the Gospel. I feel like I could just sit and think about that for hours.

About a year and a half ago, my husband and I began attending a church called The Fields. My husband joined the staff to work with the Jr. High ministry and we were so excited for the new adventure. At the time, I had no idea how precious this church and the community could (and would) be to me. Through the awesome work of Jesus, The Fields has played a huge role in my growth and understanding of the Gospel.

For example, when we first arrived, it was the summer of 2011 and that meant there were special summer groups going on: Band of Brothers for the guys and Women’s Summer Discipleship for the gals. During that summer, everyone went through the book “What is the Gospel” by Greg Gilbert. First of all, this book is incredible, simple, and highly recommended by yours truly…this little book clearly communicates what the entire Bible teaches about the Gospel. Second, this book was, in a way, my first “introduction” to what The Fields was all about, passionately stood for, and deeply believed in: Jesus and His glorious Gospel.

That summer was a turning point for me in my faith. I will never forget that summer because I think it pin-points when I really began to understand what the Gospel really means, how the Gospel affects every moment of my life, and how precious God truly is. During that Women’s Summer Discipleship we were given a blank flashcard and were asked to write down, in our own words, what the Gospel is. This is what I wrote on that flashcard:

“What is the Gospel? We are sinners and deserve hell. Jesus loves us and even while we were still sinners, He died on a cross as a sacrifice for our sin. He took our place and felt God’s wrath against sin. Jesus also rose from the dead – defeating it. This gives us victory over sin and new life in Him. Now we can stand before our Father white as snow, justified, and pure.”

While there are some semantics I would change and some words I would like to add here and there, I think writing out the Gospel once in a while can be very helpful. It’s interesting for me to look back and see what was particularly hitting me at that time. Writing down the Gospel gives us the right perspective. It’s something we should preach to ourselves daily. Moment-to-moment, in fact!

What is so amazing is that Jesus’ work on the cross has given us the free gift of forgiveness, life, and a relationship with the God who loves us so much. I hope you take some time to write down the Gospel today and really remember and revel in the amazing grace that Jesus has spoken over His beloved children.

xo sarah


2 thoughts on “gospel monday

  1. Thank you for sharing the gospel with me today. I can hear your testimony in the words you wrote, and I am so glad you found a new home at The Fields.

    Thank you & God Bless My Sweet Sarah.

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