our full life: week two


We watched Downton Abbey, drank Angry Orchard, and ate expensive chocolate. It was magical.


I made primal breakfast cookies with fresh cranberries and blackberries.breakfast cookies

I was inspired by The Girl with The Smile and did a calming face mask.


I had lunch with the birds and enjoyed the shadows.


I sampled Peet’s Matcha Green Tea Latte. Muy bueno!

green tea latte

Happy Hour with my love. Dear Bistro West, thank you for the best Ahi Tartar I have ever had. Sincerely, satisfied.


I made a salted caramel chai. Gifted to me by Bret. YUM!


I made Cauliflower Soup with Toasted Garlic on top. Crazy good!

cauliflower soup

We had our Jr. High students over to our apartment for a Bible Study and ice cream party. And to answer your question, yes…it was out of control fun.


I was gifted tulips by one of sweet Jr. High girls. Thank you Lloyd family!


Saturday night pizza party with my bff’s. Homemade whole wheat pizza dough by, the one and only, Jocelyn Cooper.


Sunday car nap…because it had to be done.


I took a snap shot driving home today. I am blown away that this is what I get to look at coming down the hill to our little home.

drive home

I went grocery shopping! I really like grocery shopping. I’m a happy girl today.

grocery shopping

And to end the week…I am making a meal that should be called, “Bret Theis, This is for You.” Thank you Julia Child…you are making me a better chef.


Hope you had a great week too! What did you do/make/live this week?

xo sarah


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