DIY pallet planter

This post is a long time coming, but I am finally writing about our fabulous pallet planter! I was inspired by Kelly Moore via Pinterest, of course, and couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out.
pallet 1
Apartment life has its perks: a cozy place just big enough for two, right by the beach, no water bill and low maintenance. However, I really started wanting a garden to tend to, flowers to pick, and fresh herbs to cook with. However, the soil at our place is rock hard and not useful for the things I would like to plant. I believe I found the perfect solution!
This DIY pallet planter is simple yet elegant, relatively easy to care for, and so fun to work on year-around! I suggest that everyone make one of these for themselves and see why I’m so excited about it.This project is also relatively inexpensive, and, thankfully, I had some help from my husband with the power drill!  As always, feel free to make it your own: add some paint, glitter, interesting florals, bunting, or whatever…just have fun! Well, enough talk from me. Go DIY!
  • 1 pallet (We have a friend in construction so ours was free. Try to avoid buying them if at all possible and ask around.)
  • 8 small terra-cotta pots
  • 8 small plumbing hose clamps
  • 8 screws
  • 1 power drill
  • 1 small bag organic soil
  • 8 small plants/herbs/cacti/flowers
  1. Lay pallet planter flat on the ground for steps 2-4.
  2. Decide where you would like your terra cotta pots to hang on the pallet. Lightly make a mark or dot on the pallet with a pen or pencil so you know where to drill in the screw for the hose clamp.
  3. Using a 1/8” (or slightly larger, to your liking) drill bit, drill one hole completely through each hose clamp. (You’ll want to do this on top of a thick piece of cardboard or wood, so you don’t cut through the hose and into your carpet/tile/etc.)
  4. Place a hose clamp on the pallet with the holes touching the wood. Then hold screw in place where you had previously made your mark.
  5. Now use your drill to firmly screw each hose clamp to the pallet!
  6. Continue step 4-5 until all 8 hose clamps are tightly secured to the pallet. PICTURE PROGRESS:PlanterCollage2
  7. Depending on what you chose, plant your seeds, cacti, florals, or herbs in the terra cotta pots according to the instructions given by the package, florist or info found online.
  8. Stand pallet upright and lean it against the wall you are going to keep your planter on.
  9. Place terra cotta pots one-by-one in the circle of a hose clamp. Arrange to your liking.
  10. You did it! Look at the beautiful work you’ve just done. You’re awesome. Enjoy!
I hope you make this planter for yourself. It’s been so enjoyable growing a little potted garden. Just remember to water the plants every day, give them enough sunlight, pruning and shoo away those pesky snails and other little critters! Let me know if you have any questions.
xo sarah

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