saturday sabbath

Hello Saturday. I am so happy you are here. We can finally be sleepy heads!


Today’s post is short and sweet. Lately, life has been non-stop craziness so I have been trying to schedule a Sabbath once a week. This week our Sabbath ended up being on a Saturday. Woo-hoo!!

Here is our agenda for the day:

  • Wake up when we wake up. No alarms. No rush to get anywhere.
  • Lounge with some “Parenthood” and yummy omelets a’la Bret.
  • Do dishes & general house cleaning.
  • Prepare a large pot of pork chili verde with white beans for our supper. Pick up some corn tortilla chips. I can hardly wait!
  • Bret is playing video games right now while I post this blog. The Office is on in the background. Maybe I should change out of my pajamas and get in real clothes now?
  • Eat a snack. Maybe some homemade popcorn, fruit, or granola.
  • Decorate the Christmas tree and apartment while listening to Classic Christmas Carols. Eat chocolate…probably!
  • Get a hot stone massage! Are you kidding me?! I am SO thankful for this amazing treat.
  • Come home and eat the chili verde that’s been stewing all day long. Lots of lime and cilantro on top!
  • Decorate more. Take time to read our advent devotional together.
  • Celebrate and thank God for an amazing day of rest that He gave us!

xo Sarah

P.S. The Winner of the Shutterfly Giveaway was TESS!!! Thank you so much for telling us about your “card-worthy moment” with your children holding their newborn sister! Enjoy your Shutterfly loot! xo


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