card worthy moments

There is something just wonderful about photographs. They can capture moments of beauty and grace, as well as moments of sorrow and struggle. Photographs allow us to reminisce on life’s many moments. What a precious thing.

I always thought that being a photographer would be such an amazing job. There are so many talented people who are blessed to make artwork from God’s creation! And bringing that artwork to life for people is priceless!

A couple of nights ago, I was invited to a fabulous dinner party hosted by Shutterfly. A few of us blogger girls got together to chat, eat delicious italian food at Rosinas, drink wine, and share some card-worthy moments with each other.

What do I mean by card-worthy? Well, a card-worthy moment is one you would never want to forget. It can also be a moment you would want everyone to know about, see, and experience for themselves: beach days with your family, your vacation to a very special place, a picnic in the park. Simply, most card-worthy moments are those you would want to put on a card and mail out, just so everyone can see those precious snapshots.

I feel so blessed to have had so many card-worthy moments in my life, but one in particular stands out. In March of 2011, I married my best friend and HANDSOME husband, Bret. Last year, around this time, we sent out our Christmas card with a photo of us on our wedding day. I think it was the most “Ideal Family Photo Day” I will ever have. The day began with prayer, friends, breakfast, hair & makeup, giggling, and lots of anticipation. The day culminated with vows, communion, rings, and kissing. The day continued with lattes, doughnuts, cake, dancing, and toasts. The day ended with a beautiful drive to our honeymoon suite for the most perfect night a girl could dream of. And it is absolutely amazing that our wedding photographer could catch every moment for us, from start to finish.

Here is a photo of our Christmas card last year. It was simple, beautiful and it shared our hope in Jesus!

Theis-2011ChristmasCard (1)

I am not sure what you and your family are thinking about doing for a Christmas card this season, but I hope that you share one or a few of your card-worthy moments with the ones you love.

As an added bonus, I am doing a GIVEAWAY! Shutterfly does such an incredible job. From holiday cards, announcements, stationary, calendars, mugs, photobooks and other photo gifts – they do it all and with style. That being said, I would love to give you a chance to win $50.00 toward Shutterfly products! If you are interested in entering this giveaway, please do one simple thing: comment on this blog post and tell me about a card-worthy moment from your own life! This GIVEAWAY will run until Friday, December 7th, at 5:30pm. Winners will be selected at random.


* A photo from the fabulous dinner party hosted by Shutterfly showcasing some of their work. Enjoy! #cardworthy

xo sarah


16 thoughts on “card worthy moments

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  3. Hmmm a card worthy moment. With kids one can often think of many funny moments, but I feel like a card worthy moment this year would have to some family photos we took on our 8 year wedding anniversary. We took our 3 girls to Leo carillo ranch early that afternoon and strolled around. We found the grassy hill where many weddings are held and a tickle fest broke out and we captured some sweet moments of being a family with a gorgeous background.

  4. I’m pretty sure a picture of my kids standing in front of our tree will make this years card. My daughter’s face is absolutely priceless in the photo. ❤

  5. One card-worthy moment for me, was capturing a casual picture of a guitar-playing jam session during a mult-family campout. 🙂 It makes me happy to look at it!

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  7. Thank you for sharing. What a great and simple way to share who Jesus really is. One of my card worthy moments was a sunny day in August of 1994. We were having a family picnic in the back yard and my then 3 year old son was sitting on the table holding his new baby brother whispering “big brotherly” advice in his ear. The boys are now 17 and 14 and they still give each other advice.

  8. My third child was born this year, so we’ve had a lot of “card worthy moments”. But one of my favorites was just a few weeks ago when I took a picture of my 3 kids laying in the grass laughing. The picture turned out so cute and it captured each of their unique personalities.

  9. I have a fantastic photo from a few years ago of my kids in front of a small tree on a snow covered Christmas tree farm field. Meant for a Christmas card!

  10. My favorite card worthy moment in our family happened last year when we welcomed my husband home from deployment. I had just given birth to our 3rd baby and spent 2 weeks in the hospital w/ emergency surgery on my bile duct. He got home 3 days after I got out of the hospital and just in time for Christmas. The photographer captured the relief of having our family all together again, safe and healthy, and daddy meeting his baby girl for the first time. I’ll never forget it!

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