sugar, spice & everything nice {housewarming party}

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of throwing one of my close friends a special housewarming party.

My friend’s name is Paloma; although some might know her as D.N.L, Palerma, or P-Town. But I like to call her Palomes.

We have known each other for about 4 years now. We met through our church and served in youth ministry together. We graciously got paired up to co-lead a group of 7th grade girls in bible study and discipleship, and from the very start I knew Paloma was a true friend.

Paloma is an amazing woman filled with love, compassion and grace. I can always come to Paloma for a good laugh, girl-talk, prayer and encouragement. She is also one incredible photographer with so much creativity and pure talent.

Paloma recently moved into her own place and I wanted her to have all the best ingredients a girl might need for life! So naturally, that meant: Sugar (white, brown, honey, agave, etc.), Spice (chili, basil, salt, garlic, ginger, etc.), and/or Everything Nice (giftcards, general housewares, cleaners, knick-knacks, etc.). Thinking of this theme was one of my better ideas, and it came together just beautifully!

Paloma’s lovely guests all brought a dessert or appetizer to share. We had lots of yummy treats to snack on, like these deep dark chocolate cookies brought by our sweet friend, Nathalie. The day was filled with great conversation, fun drinks, and lots of love poured out onto this very special girl, Paloma.

I can confidently speak on behalf of everyone who came: Paloma, we love you, we admire you, and we are so blessed God has brought you into our lives! Thank you for hosting us and being a Light into our lives and this world.

Here are some photos Paloma took at her party:

Good Friends + Good Food + Cutsie Theme = The Recipe for a Perfect Housewarming Party! I hope your new abode is now filled with lots of wonderful goodies and memories, my friend! Love you Palomes!

xo sarah

P.S. Thank you to The Wedding Chicks for the cute Mason Jar Invitation Template. And thank you to my hubby for being a Photoshop genius working so hard to make them just perfect!


5 thoughts on “sugar, spice & everything nice {housewarming party}

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  3. Honey, this sounded like a perfect party !!!! lots of cute ideas, I am sure the many who read this blog will probably steal a few for their next party. nice to see you blogging again…. so enjoy reading them.
    Love you,

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