a few of my favorite things

Here are a few of my favorite things (in no specific order). Hope they make you smile and inspire you to enjoy this abundant life you have been given!

cardigans, my kitchenaid, fresh herbs, sleeping in, good books, church, fresh flowers,   real butter, tea, doughnuts, praying, chocolate, beach days, husband, pinterest, singing, Jesus, The Bible, magazines, being silly, veggies, board games, chapstick, peonies, candles, friends, diamonds, citrus, kissing, vanilla coke, hawaii, tv, rain & thunder, sushi, Instagram, cleaning, chick flicks, long walks, babies, popsicles, black skinny jeans, freckles, list making, crafting, margaritas, blogging, Trader Joes, coffee, honey…

What are your favorite things? I would really love to hear them! 🙂

xo sarah


6 thoughts on “a few of my favorite things

  1. you and I have many favorite things in common 🙂 except the sushi thing… Lol, I think one of my most favorite things is being a mother & now a nana… And I know in my heart you will be a awesome mom one day and then you will add that to your list… Maybe at the top.. 🙂 then we will have that in common too… Love you sweetheart.. Love mom
    p.s. one of my favorite things puppy breath…and their pink bellies.

  2. It’s amazing that SO MANY of your favorite things are also my favorite things. Thx for sharing hope your weekend is fun!! I love you MOM ooxx

  3. Jesus. Music. YOU! Coffee. Almond anything. Candles that smell like dessert. Clean sheet. Photographing people in love. Sunflares. Pretty colors. A kids laughter. The perfect blanket on a cold morning.

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