our first camping trip {part 1: the great outdoor experience}

Summer 2012 was an eventful season for Bret and I, in which we shared some beautiful “firsts”: our first art purchases, our first Tower 30 Beach Night with The Fields, our first visit to Milk + Honey, as well as our first camping trip together!

In June, we traveled through the backroads of California up to June Lake. We saw some interesting things along our way (like the creepiest beef jerky stand on earth), but nothing compared to our destination. Beautiful cannot begin to describe this little piece of God’s glorious creation! I had been camping there a few times with my family while growing up, so I really wanted to share that with Bret and hopefully it now holds a little piece of his heart as well.

One of the best ways to travel is with the one you love. Being married is such a huge blessing for that reason (and many more obviously!). You just get to hang out with your best friend all day! In addition – getting away from the stress and responsibility of day-to-day life is such a treat. From the 16 hours (round trip) we spent in the car together and the 4 nights we got to snuggle up with each other in the freezing tent, I think we got our much-desired/ fair share of quality time.

Some of the most enduring things you take home from a vacation are the memories you make with each experience. Here’s what I will remember: we caught up on reading, took a long drive around the June Lake Loop, went on a gorgeous hike, memorized Scripture, went horseback riding (another first for Bret), watched a movie on the iPad, took quite a few naps, played mancala a lot, picked up a Christmas ornament (a little traveling tradition of ours) and an ice cream cone from Cathy’s Candy Shop, Bret built fires, I cooked meals and, finally, we both just RELAXED! We really needed it and I will never forget what a delightful time we had.

Although, don’t get me wrong, after 4 nights away from home, we were dying for a hot shower and we couldn’t wait to crawl into to our fluffy white bed again!

Now, that you have read a little bit about our fun experience, I wanted to give my two cents about how to pack smart and still eat healthy while camping. I really empathize with all you first-time campers out there…camping can be daunting as heck! However, I think I can help to make things more simple and as fun as possible. So please check back in for {part 2: the ultimate camping checklist} and {part 3: camp-meal-planning made simple}. Please take a second and check out some of our treasured family photos from the trip:

Our Campsite in June Lake on Reversed Creek Campground

Our afternoon on the beach at June Lake…and yes it was incredibly beautiful!

Our horseback riding adventure was such a blast!

And some of our best times were spent around the campfire: talking, praying, laughing, and scaring away the bears (no joke)!

Thanks for reading, friends!

xo sarah


5 thoughts on “our first camping trip {part 1: the great outdoor experience}

  1. Sarah , I am so glad that you and Bret enjoyed June Lake…. I have had many incredible experiences w/my family camping and backpacking in Idaho and I am happy that as your Mom, I was able to share some of those same memories I experienced. I will cherish them always…as I know you and Bret will too, I really am praying that someday you can come to Idaho, I have more to share with you !!! I love you Sarah, happiness to you and Bret always ! xxoo MOM

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